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LABEL: Merusa Records
YEAR: 2007
Available in MP3@320 and FLAC

Toro Ensamble is an explosive Salsa and Latin Jazz Project created in 2004 by the Venezuelan percussionist Marco Toro. Toro Ensamble is recognized in Europe as one of the most creative and innovative Salsa Orchestras of this time. Marco has never lost his roots found in Venezuelan popular music and culture and he is very appreciated by colleagues for his ability to play in a wide variety of styles.

Product Description

— Musicians —
Marco Toro – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
J.C. Bulu Viloria – Bongo, Cowbells
Javier Plaza – Lead Vocals
Nando Vanin – Lead Vocals
Luthson Godfried – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Daniel Patriasz – Lead Vocals
Alberto Caicedo – Backing Vocals
Raimundo Ceballos – Backing Vocals
Def P – Rapping
Gregorio – Bass, Backing Vocals
Tyrone Collis – Baby Bass
Anabell Febles – Piano
Federico Olivares – Electric Guitar, Venezuelan cuatro
Gerrit De Boer – Acoustic Guitar


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Toro Records

By: Marco Toro y Su Ensamble