Refund Policy

General Conditions

Right of withdrawal and request for refund.

1. Subject to the provisions of paragraphs then you may request a refund of whenever you have accessed web download directly from and not others.

2. failure to receive access to download the requested file or music album and purchased on our website .

3. Shopping nonrefundable . No refunds for
( a) goods or services not purchased directly through Internet

4. Charging for mistake. If you believe you have been charged mistakenly must contact within 30 days after the post was made . There is no refund if more than 30 days elapsed from the collection. reserves the right to refuse a refund request if it considers reasonably
( a) you unfairly exploit this refund policy , for example , if you make repeated claims over the same product or service,
( b ) if you fail to comply with these Conditions or
( c ) if reasonably suspects that you are using our product or our Software Services or fraudulently or that your User Account is being used fraudulently by others.

Debate Form

Redemption payments will be made in the same way that you originally made payment.
This refund policy does not affect your statutory rights.

GENERAL EXCEPTION refunded in any case the amount paid by you , less the fee charged by the payment intermediary company (paypal) , which will not be refunded in any case.

I agree that I have a duty to read this Policy Refunds and so I did. I attest to this duty through the purchase of any service. I further understand and agree that I will not use the lack of reading from any point contained herein.