Legal Terms

These terms apply only to the use of our virtual Afinque Latino® store and not to outside pages that are within this.


For effect of utilization and user object on the page, Afinque Latino®, is considered to person who has access to the resources, media, promotions and products of which is equipped with the page for the service who require it.

1. Privacy

We respect the privacy of all our customers, and are committed to maintain and manage the information that you supply to us responsibly and with total discretion, according to the information provided by the user and according to the legal provisions governing the HABEAS DATA.
We may ask for information such as a user name and password are recorded and they can have access to the content of the store, also will require other additional data at the time of carrying out the purchase process, taking into account transactions, orders, and this way give the user the services and/or products that are acquired within the portfolio of the services of the web site Afinque Latino®.

2. Contests and promotions

The virtual AFINQUE LATINO store will perform at certain intervals of time, contests and promotions, which are subject to rules and conditions that will be published in opportunity, so that the users of this site can participate according to the specific guidelines and prerogatives of each contest. For this purpose, will be published terms and conditions of each promotion and competition, so that the participant – user, accept or deny participation in it.

3. Advertising

The use of advertising in the Afinque Latino® site is provided of all digital media, electronic and social for the promotion of the phonogram that is authorized by the author or who represent you (right of author, Editor, producer management companies), in this way the user can learn more about our product news and also make them participate in promotions that are occurring at the time.
The user can receive information or invitations to interact with us (Afinque Latino®) in different activities that contribute to rapprochement with the users.

4. Copyright

Works and other content published on the website of Afinque Latino® belong exclusively to their authors and Manager, except for works that have not, this way, this forbidden the reproduction, storage, distribution, production, promotion, put in public without the express permission of the author. Application addressed to email, to be authorized, if at any time must be in case of needing some of the works contained in this web site for any of the previously described purposes, you may infringe the moral rights of author, mention of the author of the work, with deep linking to this web site.